Crane Services – Kaneohe, HI


Crane Services

  • Commercial and Residential Air Conditioners

    Air Conditioning service includes pick up from distributor deliver to job site remove old a/c and replace with new unit. In addition Kamaaina Crane will dispose of old unit at no additional cost All fluids must be evacuated from old unit. So as to make Kamaaina Crane a complete service for air conditioner contractors one call does it all. We also provide all you could be for Commercial Air Conditioner Removal and Replacement.

  • Boat & Marine Crane Services

    Marine and Boat Crane Industry consists of lifting boats out of or in to the water or on to boat trailer. Remove and replace engine and or keel if a sail boat last boat race was the zip lock yaught race held at turtle bay Hilton north shore Oahu.

  • Aviation Crane Services

    Aviation and Crane Service, Kamaaina Crane has been a vendor for the US coast guard the US Navy Army Air force and marines for 22 years now we remove and replace jet engines props for helicopters as needed.

  • Hollywood and Movie Crane Projects

    Movie industry and Crane Service you can find us on net flicks mysteries of Easter Island.A Docomentry on Easter Island and the moi statue placement on the Island for national geografic .also Kamaaina Crane performed services for the pilot of Lost reasimble a L1011 Fusellage and lift in to a tree for the first seen of the pilot in addition Kamaaina Crane worked on war and Reamemberance and others over the years

  • Home Remodeling and Trusses Crane Operating Services

    Building Houses Remodeling and Trusses are just some of our jobs over the years.we have set trusses for over 1000 new homes in Kapolei Eva Beach and Makakilo HI.

  • Tree service and Tree Removal Services

    Tree Service & Tree Removal and replacement last job performed was Waikiki Aquerium.

    Tree Planting
    We have successfully planted over 500 palm trees with a two year Warranty all lived not one died.

  • Local Crane Projects

    In addition we lift and set in place art statues at homes and Museums here on Oahu

    • I started operating crane over 30 years ago erecting radio towers and wind mills for Houden wind farms Liver More California and western communications also located in California 1978

      We are Located at 98-1180 Ulune st, Aiea HI.
      Billing address is 1778 Ala Moana Blvd. 96815 Suite 1011
      Crane Operator for over 30 years certified NCCO and Fully Insured
      National cert. Crane Operators NCCO